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Beam & I-Joists

Engineered Beams

Interior Construction

Capital Structures' beams are specifically designed to outperform traditional solid wood beams. The products are made from ultrasonically and visually graded veneers, and patterned to prevent naturally occurring defects from affecting the beams' performance. They are then bonded together, under pressure and heat, with waterproof adhesives. The process ensures that our products are exceptionally strong, solid, and straight, making them excellent for most primary load-carrying beam applications.

With Capital Structures beams, problems that naturally occur as solid sawn lumber dries (twisting, splitting, checking, crowning, and warping) are greatly reduced. Compared to wood milled directly from trees, Capital Structures’ beams are available in longer and thicker dimensions, yet they aren't made from old-growth trees. Our beams have more load-carrying capacity than traditional lumber. The end result is a more reliable, better-performing, and more usable product.

Engineered I-joists

Prefabricated wood I-joists are made by gluing solid sawn lumber flanges to a plywood or strandboard (OSB) panel web to produce a dimensionally stable, light-weight member with known engineering properties.

The uniform stiffness, strength, and light weight of these prefabricated structural products makes them well suited for longer span joist and rafter applications for both residential and commercial construction.

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Installation Services

Don’t have the time, resources or expertise for an installation project? Let Capital Structures help.

Our team of construction professionals can install all of the manufactured components we make for you. Best of all, we make sure it gets done right, efficiently, and according  to your plans.

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