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At Capital Structures, we take pride in our customers' projects.

Interior Construction

Our customers benefit from over 45 years of combined design experience in the manufactured component industry. We take great care to understand the needs of each customer individually. Whether purchasing roof trusses, floor trusses, engineered lumber products, wall panels, or any combination thereof, our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the most efficient and cost effective component system, and that it is specifically designed to suit their construction project.

We have a team of knowledgeable field representatives.

And every one of them is ready to ensure that the construction process remains positive, not only through design, but also through the jobsite construction phase. Our field technicians maintain the cleanest, most well-constructed jobsites in our industry. Our goal is to reduce site construction time for our customer while increasing structural integrity and the effective use of materials.

We follow green building standards to incorporate environmental considerations into every phase of the building process.

Using trusses and other engineered woods help a building to be genuinely sustainable. A buildings structure may or may not be seen once the construction process is done, but the choices made during construction have an impact. Conservation of wood through the use of intelligently designed smaller dimensional lumber is a great way to help conserve our forests.

Interior Construction

Capital Structures component wood trusses, joists and wall units do not use large old-growth trees. Our custom shell frame designs significantly reduce lumber waste during fabrication and on the job-site. We are a LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) supplier.

Let us add you to our list of satisfied customers today.

Contact us about receiving a quote on any of the services we provide. We design and manufacture roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels and we offer installation services for all of our manufactured products. We also offer the "Shell Frame Construction" package, which includes all of the rough carpentry materials and labor for your project bundled into one easy to manage package.

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Our Management Team

Steven Spradlin - President
Andy Pipkins - VP of Operations and Lumber Purchasing
Matt Howard - VP of Logistics and Engineered Products Purchasing
Justin Williams and Wes Sadler Sales
Coleman Klineline, Jeff Earnhart & Dave Earnhart – Design Team
Jenny Cavitt and Spencer Bradley - Accounting Team
Roberto Infante - Quality Control

Our History

In 1987, The Spradlins purchased Capital Structures. At that time it was a bankrupt Fort Smith Truss Company. After spending two years developing the business, it burned to the ground. It was then when we decided we were going to be "The Best You Can Get." We were raised to believe that it does not matter what you do, as long as you are "The Best."

Everyone at Capital Structures is constantly reminding themselves of our commitment to respond to customer and market demands in order to keep Capital Structures and our customers on the cutting edge of product development and innovation. Our commitment to our customers makes Capital Structures the industry leader in the central United States.


Our Projects

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